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(08-2022) Dear Lydia,

We can hereby confirm that we spent a very nice holiday in our holiday home in Castelneuve-Montratier.

The house, the space, the swimming pool, the wideness of the landscape, the friendliness of the 'villagers', the markets….

It was really a beautiful house with all the trimmings. Nice and cool during hot days, nothing was missing and all rooms were spacious and tidy. We have said several times that we could continue living there immediately. Unfortunately, the next tenant already presented itself ????.

A small suggestion would be to add another lounge area within the pool area. This is because we liked it so much to have an aperitif with a view of the valley. The current chairs at the pool are then very hard. The owner explained to us that they do not offer pillows because of allergies and or hygiene, which we understand, but lying on hard beds for days and sitting was disappointing.

Of course, this suggestion can be ignored compared to all the plus points of the house, but since the owner let us know that a good review with you could ensure that he can raise the price a bit (we told him we don't want this, because we can no longer afford it ????), then we think the luxury of pillows and a lounge is a must.

Christophe and Sabine
(translated from Dutch)

(07-2022) Dear,

We had a very nice time in France. The location and the house were great! We took some nice aerial photos of the house. Try to send them on Monday in large format.

Kind regards,
(translated from Dutch)


It was a great stay, very pleasant and beautiful house. Beautiful surroundings, very friendly people. We had a very nice holiday.
Kind regards,
(translated from Dutch)

(06-2022) Dear Lydia,

It was a very nice stay, we enjoyed it. As you informed us, the owners who live on the property are very discreet and extremely helpful.

The house is very comfortable and spacious and has a beautiful view of the valley from the terrace. We found the peace and relaxation we were looking for.

Thanks to the thick walls of the converted fortified farm, the heat (up to 40° in the shade) could not penetrate hard inside, so we always found a pleasant house in the scorching heat.

During the day or the weekend a Wetranfer will follow with photos that you can use.

(translated from Dutch)

(10-2021) Dear Lydia,

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Castel Neuve.
A very nice house, lots of space for the four of us and the pool and jacuzzi are wonderful extras.

Unfortunately, the WiFi signal was not very strong, but you have probably heard that before.

We will definitely look at another house again. The communication and information are excellent. Thanks for that. I now have the deposit back.

With kind regards
(Translated from Dutch)

(08-2020) Good evening,

I wanted to answer you about our stay in Castelnau ...
It was a great time with the family, the place perfectly met our expectations.

Thank you

Yours truly

Julie patoux

(07-2020) Dear Lydia,

We had a great time in Castelneuve. The house was really above expectations, even better than in the pictures!
Perfect layout of the rooms and outdoor areas, beautifully restored, fresh, clean and tidy, many (kitchen) supplies and in a beautiful location on the hill with mega view. Totally great!
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find many photos - without us on them - to use for the website. I hereby send a number of view photos and one of us all on the terrace; not to use but may be nice to look at.

Kind regards,




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