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(08-2017) Afternoon

Thank you so much for a fantastic stay!
The house was great and so close to such a fantastic town (and the supermarket).



(09-2016) Hello,

It was perfect as always. The house in Gramat is a perfect spot for a cave diver... close to the filling station, in the middle of cave-land and very close to a hypermarket.. can not get better :D

Will return in the end of March2017 for sure.


(08-2015) Dear Lydia,
We had very nice holiday!
The house, the garden and the swimming pool were absolutely great.
The owner’s service was great as well, if something was wrong a handyman came over or we could go to his store to get something new if necessary.
Point of improvement: An internet connection would be nice.

Fam. B.

(07-2015) Hello Lydia,
Compliments from my seven housemates (unfortunately two of them couldn’t make it) and myself!
We were very satisfied and enjoyed our holiday a lot. The last few meters to a holiday home are always a little bit scary as you never know what you’ll get.
At first it wasn’t that clear to us that we had to the supermarket (LeClerc) across the house in order to check-in but after some phone calls we made it. Maybe it is useful to tell people by e-mail or in the road description.

After checking in we got a tour through the house but unfortunately our French isn’t that good and the person’s English wasn’t that good either but we talked with our hands and that was actually not a problem at all. Quite surprised and with a huge smile on our faces we walked through the house.. this was definitely more than we expected.
Unfortunately the electric gate broke down after the first night and because of that we couldn’t leave the site, luckily we still had a great day thanks to the swimming pool and the lovely weather.
While we were standing on our terrace, we saw a huge thunderstorm, for a short period nobody in Gramat had electricity. Was actually nice to experience this!
Not everyone likes the matrasses but I guess that’s a personal preference.
Furthermore a hammock and some other things would be lovely in the garden.. but of course that’s all needless luxury.

I have lots of picures, sometime soon I’ll have another look at them, I might send you some beautiful ones!

Kind regards,
Sietske B.

(09-2014) Dear Lydia,
We already are a few days in Gramat now and we still do not regret coming here at all!
First of all I want to thank you for the lovely surprise we got.. two baskets richly filled with local products. Thank you!

As you’ll probably notice, there is WIFI in the house now.. which made it possible for me to send you this e-mail to let you know that again you didn’t disappoint us with the choice of the house. We were prepared for a busy road and some noise from a supermarket across the street, but actually there isn’t that much noise from cars and shopping trolleys at all.
A fantastic house, spacious, it provided everything we needed and it’s close to the village itself so we can walk there to go out for dinner or to enjoy a drink on a terrace.
We absolutely don’t mind spending the next few weeks here :)

Regards from a very sunny Gramat.



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