Privacy Policy

FranceVilla respects your privacy and believes it is important that your data is carefully processed and secured. In the privacy statement below we try to explain to you as clearly as possible what data we collect from you and how we handle it.

Your personal information:
When you make a booking (or have us make one) or if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will automatically be included in our address file. Only your name and email address are stored in this address file. If you do not wish to receive our newsletters, you can easily unsubscribe. You can do this via a link in the relevant newsletter or you can send us an e-mail and the relevant data will then be deleted from our database.

Your data will also be used to communicate the status of your reservation and payment, to send you the necessary information about your stay, but also to contact you, for example if something is still unclear or important information has become available. and to ask afterwards if everything went well. Finally, we will of course communicate your data to the owner or manager of the home (this is only your name, family composition and mobile telephone number).

If you have taken out insurance with us, your details will be passed on to the relevant insurer. Your data will therefore not be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes.

Contact Form:
The contact form gives you an opportunity to get in touch with us, the personal data you enter will no longer be kept as necessary.

Security payment details:
Your bank account number(s) are kept by us so that we have the option to refund you, such as the deposit. If you paid with Paypal, Ideal or CC, we will not see your bank account number, so any refunds will be processed via these platforms.

Public information:
Information that you provide to us through a review will be placed on the website by us and can of course be read by anyone who visits our website. Therefore, please make sure that you do not entrust any personal information to the guestbook. By default, FranceVilla will never mention your surname in the review.

We use Google Analytics to find out as best as possible how our visitors use our website. The collected data is recorded anonymously in so-called Google analytical cookies. With this information we can continuously improve our website.

Cookies are temporary files on your computer that store information for use on our website. These cookies come from companies we work with. These cookies only remain on your computer for a limited time. For example, you can come to FranceVilla through a reseller, also called an affiliate. In that case, the identification data of this party will be placed in a cookie.

The information collected with these cookies cannot be personally traced.

Social Media
On our website you have the option to visit our Facebook page and Twitter account via the social media buttons. When you visit, personal data is collected from you, more about this can be found in the privacy statements of the relevant providers.

Your data is stored and stored securely, for which we have drawn up a processing agreement with an external party.

Any questions:
If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy statement, please feel free to contact us. Your question or comment will be handled professionally, confidentially and as quickly as possible.