Boutique Villa Marilove
Boutique Villa Marilove
Lachapelle- Auzac
6 persons
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms


(06-2024) Good evening Lydia,

We have had a very nice week. To be repeated. The house was as you imagined it and we are happy to share it with family and friends.

Have a nice evening and see you next stay via France Villa,

(translated from Dutch)

Beautiful house, generous view, spacious, quiet location. Lovely large swimming pool and jacuzzi.
(translated from Dutch)
A beautiful location, especially if you like golf (right opposite a very nice golf course). In the middle of nature, beautiful views, lovely large bed with fine bed linen and not to forget the jacuzzi to relax in. The managers are friendly and helpful. The villa was clean. In short, definitely worth coming back again.
Wim and Hermien
(translated from Dutch)
We spent a magnificent week in a heavenly property. Your house is superb and located in an area full of treasures. We keep an eternal memory of it. Many thanks for your welcome.
Jean and Maron
(translated from French)
We leave this stay with wonderful memories. Its region is superb, we had great pleasure at the house, surprising many deer. This house contributed to the success of this week's vacation with its superb garden overlooked by the terrace and with this very pleasant swimming pool. Unfortunately, the frog did not visit us this week. Thank you for allowing us to have a wonderful vacation.
Néséa and Manon
(translated from French)
We enjoyed a fantastic holiday with our family of 5 at a unique location in a beautiful holiday home. All amenities were available, the support of the owners was top notch and the cleanliness was excellent.
(translated from Dutch)

(09-2022) Dear Lydia and Thijs,

Dear Lydia and Thijs, we enjoyed our holiday in Marilove. It was a wonderful two weeks. We would like to mention a few of the many advantages of this beautiful villa:

  • the tasteful interior of the house and the nice outdoor space with all the privacy
  • the beautiful spacious garden that you overlook
  • the large and heated swimming pool and
  • the tastefully furnished terrace with good sunbeds, a spacious (dining) table and a comfortable sitting area
  • the complete and fully equipped kitchen
  • the large beds, in which we, as Dutch adults, slept wonderfully.

We have been renting our holiday accommodations through FranceVilla for several years and will certainly continue to do so in the future!

Dirk and Tineke
(translated from Dutch)

(08-2022) Lydia,

We had a great holiday in Villa Marilove. The weather was so hot, so it was lovely to have a beautiful setting, and a beautiful pool and jacuzzi to help us cool down. It was nice of Rashid and yourself to ensure that everything was ok with our arrival and that the villa/pool was ok for us

It is the second time we have used FranceVilla, and am sure it won’t be the last.

Kind regards,

(08-2022) Hi Lydia,

We had a very nice holiday. You have a beautiful house, furnished with beautiful things. We like that.

Chris, Leen, Walter and Dirk
(translated from Dutch)

(08-2022) Lydia,

We had a great holiday in Villa Marilove. The weather was so hot, so it was lovely to have a beautiful setting, and a beautiful pool and jacuzzi to help us cool down.
It was nice of Rashid and yourself to ensure that everything was ok with our arrival and that the villa/pool was ok for us.

It is the second time we have used FranceVilla, and am sure it won’t be the last.

Kind regards,

(06-2022) Dear Thijs,

We are back home and first of all I would like to thank you for your hospitality by allowing us to use your lovely home. We really enjoyed it, although the stay was a bit shorter than planned. We left on Sunday morning and left the house in good condition for the next residents.

(translated from Dutch)

(05-2022) Dear Ms Mennes,

Thanks for your message. We enjoyed an excellent holiday. The house fully met expectations and the management on site was also fine. Rashid is friendly and helpful and communication was very smooth.

We are also very satisfied with your booking process and the provision of information. Thank you for all this, we look forward to renting a holiday home from you again in the future.

Sjaak and Anouk
(translated from Dutch)

(05-2022) Dear Thijs,

We had a wonderful holiday! We are considering booking Marilove again next year. We also visited your friends from the trout pond once, it was also a nice and beautiful location!

Until next time

(Translated from Dutch)

(04-2022) Dear Lydia,

We had a wonderful time in your beautiful house. We liked the location and the quietness, the configuration of your house and the lovingly selected and individually picked interieur. The weather was great except 2 days and the kids and we loved and used the pool a lot. Because of the cozy place we prepared dinner at home always every night, but found a great place to eat on our way back from le gouffre de Padirac called Au fils de l éau one day.

So we would like to say thank you very much for letting us rent your wonderful house, have a great evening, best regards,
p.s. the beds are the best we ever slept in outside our own house!!!

(10-2021) Good evening,

Here I take a little time to answer you because as soon as I returned home, we had to start work again (unfortunately, we would have preferred to stay in Marilove).
To be completely honest, we thought it was too good to be true. And until the Monday of our arrival we still had some concerns about the reality of this announcement because this villa was perfect and met our expectations on paper. Once past Monday, we finally took advantage of the services of the house with peace of mind. One of the first things that struck us is that the house looks bigger in real life than in a photo.
Except 2/3 slightly damaged finishes (like the sink in the master bedroom) everything was perfect (note from FV: this will be fixed soon). The huge bay window was a bit difficult at first but we quickly got used to it. The terrace, the swimming pool, the jacuzzi and the view are really the strong points of the lodging. It was superb and very pleasant, especially the sunsets in the jacuzzi. Every morning the golf course was blowing the leaves for long hours ... internet was fine except for youtube on tv (not sure why).
We enjoyed the whole stay very much and the few negatives I say are small details. It was among the best vacations we have had and we are very curious, now that we know your site and that we are confident, to find out what other properties there are for rent. We hope to return to marilove one day with friends when the weather is warmer to enjoy this pool.

Thank you for this discovery.

Matthieu and Aurélie
(Translated from French)

(10-2021) Dear Lydia,

Sorry for my very late message, I wanted to send something much earlier, but couldn't get through for all sorts of reasons. I thought a late reply is better than no reply, so here it is. :)

We really enjoyed our holiday at Villa Marilove very much. It was a beautiful house, and in the area there were indeed beautiful locations of which we have seen quite a lot. It was a relaxing environment with a nice view. With good weather we enjoyed the sun, and when it got a bit cooler in the evening, the jacuzzi was really enjoyable. So we had a really nice holiday, and we definitely want to repeat it in the future.

We certainly took quite a few pictures, but I was only able to find a few without us in the picture. I now send them in a small size, but if you like them, I can of course also send them in a larger size. I also have a short video of the pool and surrounding area (around 10 seconds), some photos of other locations in the area, let me know if those might be of interest as well.

I hope this late answer helps a bit. :) And hopefully see you next time!

Yours sincerely,

(translated from Dutch)

(08-2021) Dear,

We had a very nice holiday in France. We were very satisfied with your house and the organization.
Can you tell us when we will get the deposit back?

Yours sincerely,

Maarten and Lien
(Translated from Dutch)

(08-2021) Hi Lydia,

We had a wonderful week and enjoyed the beautiful house, but we had already told you :-)
Never regretted the decision to travel to France for a second, and still in time for the stricter measures to make it difficult.

What might be a nice tip is that you can mention on the Marilove website that it is located in the middle of a beautiful and well-marked walking route. We thought that was a plus.

Would love to hear if there are any further developments.
Cordial greetings,
Bert van E.
(Translated from Dutch)

(08-2021) Hi  Lydia

Yes, have a very nice holiday. The first days a bit of gray ailing weather, but then 10 days of wonderful sun and just not too hot. Perfect
House was very nice and just as shown in the description and in the photos. Very practical too, and nicely decorated. With practical manual and guide. Immediately found everything right, how everything works.
In total I would like to give a 9 out of 10
Very nice area too, nice things done. Turenne, Martel, caves of Padurac, beautiful castles, gardens.
and a lot in a beautiful pool and splashed about

cordial greetings
from wet Belgium

(Translated from Dutch)


Thank you for renting your house, very pleasant in its design and its opening onto the large terrace and the superb swimming pool. Even though I had to work regularly, I was able to really feel relaxed and on vacation.

I wish you a great summer, and no doubt you will go to your house after the vacationers?


(Translated from French)

(07-2021) Dear Lydia,

thank you for the 3 great and perfect weeks.
We really enjoyed every single minute in France. Villa Marilove is such a great place to live, to enjoy France and to relax.
There are so much sights to visit. One of our favourite trips was to Rocamadour. Just breathtaking.
Service, cleanness, weather was excellent and every single feature/ equipment was clean and worked.
We felt like at home. The manager on site (the husband from Amelle – sorry I forgot his name) did a very good job and supported us very well.

And a big thanks for the great infinity pool. The pool alone with the view is worth to visit Marilove.
It is a clever system and was clean, well heated and had always the same water depth.

Maybe we can book another 3 weeks (or 3 months?) next year.
As we arrived at home, we noticed another few great villas on your website Francevilla.
We definitely will book the next years at your website. Great service and again, big thanks Lydia!

Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards

(06-2021) Hello,

Sorry for this late response.

We had a pleasant stay in the “Boutique Villa Marilove”.

We went to the abyss of joke.
Not to fish, but to taste their products.
We feasted on their prepared trout.
Thanks for the address.

We are also going to the gourmet forge
not far from the villa. They also have good product.

I wish you a good end of the day

(Translated from French)

(06-2021) Hi Lydia

Started this week with my sister in Cremieu, my love and I will drive back to Tilburg tomorrow.

I want to give you a big compliment for the villa, we enjoyed it a lot! Ambience, quality of things. It was really AWESOME!
Something in me tells me that it requires a repetition, but first we're going to enjoy the afterglow.
But we are already looking forward to the next time!

Dear greetings

Trudy and Annemarie
(Translated from Dutch)

(05-2021) Hello Lydia

We had a very pleasant stay, the house is very spacious, well appointed, the pool and jacuzzi very pleasant
Yours truly

(Translated from French)

(09-2020) Madam,

Another big thank you for welcoming us to your lovely home.

We had a great vacation. The house was well located and well organized. The layout of the rooms was perfect with a lovely swimming pool.

Thank you


Philippe NOEL
(Translated from French)

(08-2020) Lydia.

I want to thank you for your house. It is splendid. We are having a great holiday.

(Translated from French)

(08-2020) Dear,

In the meantime 3 days back home. I would like to thank you for the wonderful week we had in France. A great region, a beautiful house, excellent service on site and a super smooth arrangement in advance. We will definitely book back with Francevilla next year. Recommended!

Best regards
Davy Bintein, Eveline Blanckaert
(Translated from Dutch)


Bonjour, we hed a very nice stay at Marilove this week. We left at 08:00 this morning to return to the Netherlands. Thank you you for everything and also the owners for letting us stay at Marilove.

Au revoir Sabine and Jaap


(09-2016) Dear Lydia,

Please apologize that we have not yet thanked for the nice welcome gift in the form of a bottle of wine, which tasted very good.

Your house is just fantastic! We feel very, very well here. It is exactly what we were looking for. It is so spacious, generous and has everything we want. The orientation of the house is perfect and we can on the one hand enjoy the morning sun and the evening sun.

And the pool we would not miss! Great! Unfortunately, we have no one at our house, but have now animated by your house, considering whether we also build a pool.We enjoy to go swimming every day. Unfortunately, it is now somewhat cooler and our discipline is not so pronounced that we still go swimming every day one or two times ;-).

It is a pity that we have to leave your house on Sunday. We would love to stay here. When would we have to leave your house on Sunday?

If we want to rent your house again in the spring, when would we have to reserve at the latest?

Many greetings from Marilove
Elke and Ralf