6 persons
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms


(06-2024) Hello Lydia,
This was our third time in (the immediate vicinity of) Terrasson-Lavilledieu, our fourth time if you count our holiday in Santoneige. That in itself is a compliment for the area and for Terrace, because we have always believed that new holiday destinations best create new memories. But we would like to make an exception for Terrace. We feel at home there. There had been some obvious changes since last year. The kitchen was painted in a different color, the kitchen table was replaced by a kind of island with a slightly higher seat. The house was equipped with air conditioning, but we did not need it because the outside temperatures were lower than we were used to, between 22 and 25 degrees. Can be done without air conditioning.
We were again very warmly welcomed and the explanation was again extensive and complete. And when we had a problem with the stubborn extractor hood, Mdm. Hauquin was also immediately available for us.
We also enjoyed the peace and quiet and the many swallows that - whether you are in the pool or not - simply come to pick their meal (insects) from the surface of the water. That is a beautiful and very cheerful face. It was delicious (again) and we had a great time.
Yours sincerely,
(translated from Dutch)
It is a detached and quietly located beautiful and clean house/bungalow with lots of space. Everything is on one level with sliding doors in the living room to the large garden. Neat furnishings with all the trimmings. Around the house there is a large enclosed garden (nice for our boomer) with an organic swimming pool with sun beds. Unfortunately the swimming pool is not heated, but we still use it a lot when the weather is nice. The house is located on a road with other detached houses, but you have enough privacy in the garden. At the front of the house and at the swimming pool you have a beautiful view of the hilly surroundings. There are several supermarkets in Terrasson for groceries and the town itself is also nice for a visit. Nearby places to visit include Brives, Sarlat and Limoges. Upon arrival, you will walk around the house with the friendly owner with explanations in French. We had a very nice holiday in this beautiful house and it is certainly worth repeating.
(translated from Dutch)
(09-2023) Good morning Lydia,
We enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Terrace. We already knew the house from a number of years ago. Upon entering we were welcomed by the owner and her sister, who to our surprise is the owner of Santoneige. We were there last year, also to great satisfaction. Terrace has been renovated a bit in recent years. The bathroom is now en-suite to the main bedroom, which is the biggest change. The owner was friendly and briefly showed me the equipment and the changes, with an explanation. And then we started enjoying ourselves. It was very warm during our holiday week (39° on Tuesday). The house has no air conditioning, but it can be kept cool very well. The swimming pool was wonderfully cooling and was used enthusiastically every day. Every other day in the morning we heard some soft noise outside, that was the owner who does maintenance of the garden and swimming pool. You only hear that because it is so wonderfully quiet all day long. We saw the beautiful sunrise every morning, we saw the starry sky every evening, including the Milky Way, which I have not seen here in the Netherlands for more than 30 years. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Thank you to the Hauquin family for letting us borrow your beautiful house.
Yours sincerely,
(translated from Dutch)
Thank you and we may come back.
(translated from French)
(08-2023) Mrs. Hauquin,
What a beautiful vacation home! We had a fantastic vacation.
(translated from French)
What a beautiful holiday home, everything nice and tidy both inside and outside. A beautifully maintained and well-enclosed garden. Our dog also had a great time, he could stroll around the house without 'escaping', because when he goes after his nose, he doesn't pay attention to anything anymore. This is how we as a family were able to relax. The pool is also fantastic, and we enjoyed it under the veranda. Trips to Terrasson were also very nice what a beautiful old town!
Thank you!!
(translated from Dutch)
What a sweet message from Fatima! We left the house as we entered it. But I understand that sometimes it happens differently, unfortunately. There was also a few more nights of thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong wind gusts, also when all unloaded garden equipment was secured. The house felt so cozy and familiar, so it feels like 'just' to secure the things. We had a super wonderful holiday! Thank you for booking this beautiful house through you!
(translated from Dutch)
(07-2023) Hello,
Yes we had a great stay. I am sending you some photos taken by my daughter. For my part, I ended my vacation a little badly because I fell off my bike and broke my elbow… I need patience now!
Thank you for everything and see you soon
(translated from French)
(06-2023) Dear Lydia and Thijs,
We had a nice holiday! Beautiful house, beautiful nice village nearby!
Yours sincerely,
(translated from Dutch)

(08-2022) Good afternoon,

our stay was absolutely lovely! Luxurious house, beautiful garden + surroundings and super pool!

Unfortunately, the information folder was missing and the (albeit very friendly) owners do not speak English (incomprehensible when you receive paying guests), so we had to figure out some things (such as what to do with your waste) ourselves.

If you come for a quiet holiday, where you don't mind if you have to drive a bit if you want to see or do something, a great accommodation! We really enjoyed.

Kind regards,
(translated from Dutch)

(07-2021) Hi,

Yes we thoroughly enjoyed the house Terrace. We are now at the end of the first week in the house Tessa and we still have a nice week to go. we also like this house. In both houses the owners are very friendly and helpful. Although not all sun, the weather suits us fine at the moment. Temperatures not too high and enough days less sun and a little rain to recover, wonderful. This is also excellent for the dogs. They have plenty of space here at home Tessa and enjoy it to the full.

Kind regards,

Frans and Dinie
(Translated from Dutch)

(10-2020) Hello Lydia,

Apparently the deposit has been refunded to my mastercard account, I do not receive an immediate notification.

We were very satisfied with the villa, everything was as announced on the website, even better than we expected. Contact with the owners was very friendly and informal.
The interior of the villa is very luxurious and in good taste.
It was also pleasant to stay outside, nice swimming pool, privacy, comfort with the good deck chairs, garden very well maintained. We had 8 days very good weather, the rest has been rained out, but there are several very beautiful villages (Sarlat, Domme, Montignac) in the area and also many castles of which this one in Hautefort is really an issue. We went to eat several times in pizzeria La PapeterieA Pizzas in Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare (about 6 km from Terrasson) where you can eat cheaply and above all very well, not only pizzas fresh from the wood oven, but also many other tasty things.


Bruno and Greet
(Translated from Dutch)

(09-2020) Hello Ms. Mennes,
The stay went very well. The welcome and departure were cordial and the owner gave us homemade delicacies which we found a very nice gesture.
The house was very clean. We found it bright, spacious and warm, tastefully decorated. The garden and the swimming pool are very pleasant, clean, well decorated and containing different kinds of plants and above all very quiet.
The only downside is that the 3rd bedroom, which should be notified as a child's bedroom, is very simple and without a wardrobe compared to the two other luxurious bedrooms with their television, bathroom and personal dressing room.
We were very satisfied with our stay and your services and thank you.
S. Nathalie
(Translated from French)

(08-2020) Dear Lydia,

We had a fantastic holiday in the Terrace cottage. Our vacation started from the first second we stepped inside. spacious very well maintained house with all the trimmings. cozy garden with a spacious swimming pool with a beautiful view. Very friendly owners.
It was a very successful holiday and thanks also to you for receiving the informative emails, the corona period is not pleasant for anyone. Well done to you guys too.
We do have pictures, but they are on our mobile ... we will send them again via our mobile ;-)

Thank you in advance for your kind services.

Family Vertsraeten
(Translated from Dutch)

(07-2020) Dear,

We had a great time. The house and garden fully met our expectations.
Furthermore, everything went smoothly for which compliments.
Attached you will find some of our photos

With best regards,

(07-2018) Hello Lydia,

We had a more than wonderful holiday in the house Terrace!
The house and pool were beautifully clean on arrival, and the garden neatly pruned and the grass mowed tight ....
In one word: great!

Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the inside of the house (we only slept in it, we had beautiful weather for 2 weeks ...)
But it is perhaps good to know that the kitchen has now turned completely white with a red counter top.

We hope to plan another 1 or 2 week holiday in September, and (if the health of Pa and Ma allows it) perhaps to rent a house again via France Villa!
By then we will contact you again to see what is still available!

With kind regards,

Marcy S.

(08-2015) Hi Lydia,

Very happy to provide feedback, and will find some photos to send you too separately.

Firstly, I have to say that the organisation and communication from FranceVilla up to our visit was excellent.  Lydia in particular you were very helpful in resolving our one issue, you were very customer-focussed and it was appreciated.  Email communications in particular very clear and helpful.

Regarding the property, it really was lovely, very clean and spacious, and the kitchen in particular was extremely well supplied with utensils and equipment of all kinds, we really couldn't have asked for anything else.  The garden was lovely and also perfect for our two dogs, very secure, with only one gap in the fencing to the left of the gate that we covered with one of the bins.  Location was perfect for us, easy to take the dogs for a walk and a short drive to town.  Really liked the pool area, very clean and spacious.  We really would think about coming back here again

One or two minor things the owner may want to pay attention to....

There was no instruction or information about the property that we could find.  We have always had one of these in every property we've rented, so very surprised not to have one.  Did cause some inconveniences, such as not knowing which days we should put the waste bins out to be collected, and working out how to use the oven was a little trial and error but we got there quickly :-)

Some of the wall decorations had only been put up with drawing pins rather than hooks, and fell down just when doors we shut, we were lucky nothing broke!  They probably need something more secure.

Filter grate at the bottom of the pool was broken when we got there, we were careful not to drop anything in in case it blocked the pumping system, should be replaced.

So overall we have had a fantastic holiday, many thanks for your organisation, we would certainly consider using FranceVilla and this property again.

Kind Regards,

Allan & Fay K.